Friday, August 15, 2008

1987 Topps

Here's what I'm looking for from the 1987 Topps set. I already have the entire Topps Traded set from 1987. Updated 3/5/09.

Done!!. A package with the last 6 cards arrived in the mail yesterday from dayf aka The Cardboard Junkie. I'd gotten an email from my buddy Max that he was also going to send them to me, but dayf's got here first. But thanks to Max as well.

8/21/08 - 19 cards closer thanks to Michal. I made a dent in his 2000 Topps needs in return.

8/23/08 - 54 cards closer thanks to Phil. I sent him a bunch of 2001 Brewers cards in return. We also swapped a 2008 Topps Xfractor card of Yovani Gallardo for him for a 2008 Topps Baseball Card History Chrome of Hunter Pence for me.

10/25/08 - Out of 15 1987 Topps cards I got in a 300-card repack, I got one I didn't have, #135, Mike Easler.

10/27/08 - Got a big package from dayf. 26 cards, 24 of which I needed. One duplicate he sent me was because I had an error in my list. The other was Mike Easler which I just got in a repack. Good cards in this group like George Brett, Tom Seaver, and Doc Gooden. Now I have to go a pull some Chipper Jones cards for him.

10/29/08 - Mark from stats-on-the-back sent me #757, some guy named Nolan Ryan.

11/6/08 - Steve from The Easy Life has just sent me 3 of the last 5 cards I need, including #155 Barry Bonds. He sent me a couple of Phillies cards, including an odd-ball 1993 Upper Deck which I'll be posting over on Capewood's Collections as soon as I can figure out what it is.

11/7/08 - list update to include the 55 cards I missed

11/19/08 - Received the following from Scott at the Handcollated blog: 138, 147, 162, 203, 210, 213, 238, 283, 309, 338, 367, 372, 388, 411, 435, 496, 519, 531, 536, 651, 727, 749, 751, 758. Thanks Scott!

11/28/08 - Received the following from Ben at 1988 Score. He also collects 1987 Topps and sent me a bunch of his doubles. I'll be sending him back some of my doubles. Plus some 1988 Score.

12/7/08 - Back in early November Steve at The Easy Life sent me some cards which I thought at the time nearly completed the set. But then I found more I'm missing. Yesterday, Steve sent me another 10 and now, or sure, I'm nearly complete. Only 7 to go.

12/23/08 - Some cards came in the mail today from Greg at Night Owl Cards. #121 Kevin Romine, #573 Hal McRae and whoopee!, #784 Cal Ripken, Jr. Only 4 to go!

2/6/09 - Jack over at All Tribe Baseball sent me #500 Don Mattingly. Thanks Jack!

2/17/09 - Max sent me the last three cards. Now I've got to pull the cards out of the closet and verify that I actually have them all. Thanks Max!

2/27/09 - Aargh. After doing a physical count, I still need 6.

3/5/09 - The last six arrived from dayf.